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What Does DVLA Do?

dvla-logoDVLA or Department of Vehicle and Licensing Agency is under the umbrella of Department of Transport and is strategically located in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.

This executive agency is responsible for keeping and managing over 47 million driver records and over 39 million vehicle records. Around £ 5.6 Billion is being collected by this agency for VED or Vehicle Excise Duty.

In Great Britain, the registration and licensing of drivers are processed while the licensing and registration of vehicles and collection of enforcement of VED is done in the UK.

In a nutshell, DVLA is the core agency that utilizes the statistical information to refine the processes and laws about road safety, decrease crimes related to vehicles, aid environmental initiatives and of course restrict vehicle tax evasion.

Among DVLA’s priorities are:

    • Improve customer service through simplification of policies and technology landscape
    • Grow new revenue, opportunities across the government and efficiency through utilization of assets
    • Improve customer service through recognition and response to different customer needs.
    • Make sure to get the right vehicles and drivers taxed. And get them on the road safely, efficiently and simply for the benefit of the general public.
    • Build an authentic culture that is confident, commercial and focused on customers
    • Become centre of excellence by developing its capabilities.



Previously, DVLA was called DVLC of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre.  Local authorities transferred the responsibility to DVLA over 40 years ago.  Currently, DVLA is among the largest employers in South Wales with over 5,000 staff in total.

Through the years, the agency has been dedicated in keeping up with the dynamic demands of the system and radically transformed its process from being a paper-based organization to a digital organization, which is more effective and efficient.  It’s continually growing and improving digital services have been a great factor, which made DVLA a multi-award winning agency.


dvla_170_5For your information, here are some of DVLA’s responsibilities:

  • Issuance of photo card driving license
  • Driver Endorsement, Disqualification and Medical Condition Recording
  • Implementation of Enforcement actions against Vehicle tax evaders
  • Selling of DVLA personalized registration
  • Be in coordination with Police and Intelligence authorities in dealing with crimes
  • Issuance of Vehicle Registration certificates to vehicle keepers
  • Registration and issuance of tachograph cards
  • Issuance of anonymised data to qualified individuals


For your various concerns may it be about driver and vehicle licensing, registration, driver’s medical issues or taxes – DVLA contact center is available to help you.  However, before you start contacting DVLA make sure to check the Driving and Transport section and check if your issues can be answered by the pre-provided answers to common issues. It will practically save you time in the phone if you do a quick scan on their website and check if your questions can be answered by the information they have provided there.


On the bottom of their website, you will also find helpful links like information about:

  • Disabled people
  • Benefits
  • Driving and transport
  • Childcare and Parenting
  • Business and Self-employed
  • Crime, Justice and Law
  • Births, Deaths, Marriages and Care
  • DVLA_vehicle_wrapCitizenship and Living in the UK
  • Money and Tax
  • Visas and Immigration
  • Working, Jobs and Pensions
  • Education and learning
  • Employing people
  • Housing and Local service
  • Environment and countryside
  • Passport, travel and living abroad


It is always wise to be well aware of what it entails to be a driver or driving a vehicle. Being on the road is not only an opportunity but also a responsibility. Make sure to acquire all required licenses and registration first. Then, make the effort to learn the process. Tax is also your responsibility; ensure that you are well informed